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Review for Visions (The Secret Watchers, #1) by Lauren Klever

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Welcome to the world of Owen Ryer and The Secret Watchers. What would you do if you suddenly discovered that you could not only sense dark energy but individuals with evil in their hearts? What if you were given hints about horrible things that had already happened and you had no choice but to fix them? What if these things you were driven to do were not only dangerous but had to be concealed? Who could you trust with this perilous secret? How would you handle homework and chores when you felt like the weight of the world rested on your shoulders? Owen feels he has no choice... What would you do? Would you have the courage to try?
In Visions (The Secret Watchers, Book One) fourteen-year-old Owen Ryer hates school and his life in general, but dreams that there must be something more... until he is irrevocably drawn to a watch in an old pawnshop that unlocks his amazing and unexpected gift. Now it’s a race to see if Owen can master his special ability before the dark watchers destroy or turn him to the side of evil and chaos.
You will experience Owen’s confusion, frustration and compassion as he discovers that it is demanding enough just to be a teenager, let alone have a secret as big as the one he is burdened with. Who should he trust? Who can help him? Typically watchers work alone but Owen is the next generation - should he be the one to challenge the rules?
Everyone needs a hero and sometimes the best ones are the unintentional ones. Owen is that kind of guy as he searches for purpose, acceptance and morality. He isn’t perfect, he doesn’t always do things right, but he has the greater good at heart – always.
You are invited to follow Owen as he journeys through the darkest walk he has ever taken; where he captures glimpses of the underbelly of society, a place he never knew existed and didn’t want to see. After you read Visions, will you be looking under your bed and double checking your closet? Please enter the Secret Watchers universe if you dare but beware – you may be sucked right into the good versus evil suspense of jaw-clenching action and never want to leave.

   When I first signed up to read this book I didn't expect to really enjoy it.  I was mainly thinking that while I might not enjoy it the book my turn out to be something my teenage sons would enjoy.  I often have a hard time with books where the main character is a young teenage boy.  I know that sounds horrible but to me those books seem to lack any depth.  It is all about the boy trying to be a hero and save the world, no back story, no chance to really get to know the characters beyond their struggle to fulfill their calling.  As bad as this sounds I really think that it all comes down to the fact that boys and girls have very different  things that they like in books.  I like to read books where I feel like I really get to know the character and fall in love with them.  Boys don't care about that, they want all the action and facts.
   Turns out I was completely wrong about this book.  I loved it!  It did have the normal teenage boy/hero story line but the author also took the time to introduce the characters and I was able to feel like I really knew and understood them.  All of the characters were amazing and I ended up loving all of them.  The main character, Owen, is such a good kid and as a mother I thought he was a perfect hero for any boy to look up to.  His friends are also good kids.  It is so refreshing to have a book where the main characters are truly good people. 
   Don't start to worry that this book won't appeal to boys!  There is a lot of action in this book.  In fact one of the action parts is pretty intense.  When the boys aren't fighting bad guys they are training to fight them so there is always something happening to keep your attention.  There is even a little bit of love sprinkled in once the girls start to notice Owen and his friends.  There is even a damsel in distress part where Owen must fight to save the girl he cares about. 
   I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a great story, especially to moms looking for books for their pre-teen/teen boys.   In fact this book would be just as appealing to girls.  If you take the time to read this book you will not be disappointed and it will leave you anxiously waiting for book two, just like I am.

Parent's Guide:  There are a couple of minor swear words used in the book.  There is also one intense scene where a main character is almost killed.  This scene may be a bit much for young children or anyone that is sensitive.

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