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In the Spirit of Love by Debbie A. McClure

A ghost story is just a story-until it happens to you.

While on vacation in England with her best friend, Claire Jacobs' life is changed forever. From the beginning, Kent Estate evokes a sense of coming home. When she takes a guided tour of the reputedly haunted manor, it reveals a story of love and murder that resonates deep within her heart. Of course, sensible Claire doesn't believe in spirits, but the all too handsome resident ghost has other plans. Despite her better judgment, Claire finds herself deeply attracted to the spectre, but there can be no future in loving a ghost–can there?

Things are not always what they appear to be.

Wrongly accused of a murder he didn't commit, Lord Richard Abbotsford is bound to Kent Estate. It's been a long one hundred and fifty years. Then he sees her. His beloved Lady Olivia Kent has returned to him. Having become increasingly disillusioned and bitter, the return of Olivia gives him new hope for release from his eternal prison. But Olivia is different; she doesn't recognize him at all. He knows she has returned to Kent Estate for a reason, and he is determined to remind her of their shared past. To do so, he must first change her mind about ghosts–and himself.

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My Review 

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
   I love a good love story!  The kind that pull you in to the story so completely that you are able to feel the emotions of the couple.  This is that kind of story. 
   Clair has come a long way from her bad childhood.  She is strong and self reliant but not good at relationships.  After a horrible breakup her best friend Holly invites her to go to England with her.  Claire has always been obsessed with England and jumps at the chance to finally go there.  They book a stay at an amazing estate that is supposed to be haunted.  Claire soon finds out that the haunting is real and she ends up caught up in a strange relationship with the resident ghost and trying to solve a mystery more than a hundred years old.
   I loved the characters in this book.  Claire and Richard are so sweet as a couple.  The author did a great job with their romance.  Trying to make a romance between a woman and a ghost is not simple and to make it work and be believable is an accomplishment.  Their relationship changes in ways that are unpredictable and touching.  I found myself constantly routing for them to find a way to be truly together. 
   The other thing that I loved about this book is that there is a huge and unnerving twist near the end of the book that completely took me off guard.  I won’t say more than that so I don’t give any spoilers.  I absolutely love it when a book can take me by surprise and I can say I was honestly surprised by this one. 
   As much as I loved this book there were, of course, a couple of things that I did not like.  The first one is the sex scenes.  I know, I know…sex sells.  You can call me old fashioned or a prude, whatever you wish, but it does not change the fact that I hate sex in books.  We all know that adults have sex when they are in relationships so why does it have to be spelled out in detail?  I just don’t like it.  The other thing I did not like about the book is that I felt it ended in a strange place and a bit abruptly.  I am not talking about the typical cliff hanger that leaves the story open for a sequel.  It felt like the book just ended when the mystery was just starting to be solved.
   Regardless of these few things I dislike I am sure that I will be reading the sequel.  I really want to know what happens to Claire and Richard and can’t help but root for them to find a way to truly be together. 

Parent's guide:  This is NOT a YA book.  Like many adult romance books there are sex scenes.  They are not explicit but definitely not appropriate for teens.  There is also a lot of swearing, including multiple uses of the 'f-word',   Claire's best friend has no problems with having one night stands and jumping quickly in to relationships.  She even encourages Claire to sleep with a man she just met.

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