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Firefly (Ice Born: Book One) by P.M. Pevato

Book received in exchange for an honest review.

Most residents of the quiet alpine town of Snow Valley would scoff at the idea of witches in their midst, yet a deadly war rages beneath the surface as witch hunters stalk the local coven.
The hunted—a coven of teen witches just emerging into their full talents
The hunters—a family of immortal witch hunters assigned to assimilate, infiltrate, and eliminate the coven.
Teenage witch Emeranne Goode, or Ems, has a recurring dream in which she follows her beloved fireflies as they shimmer and dance toward the forest. She finds a boy, lying on the ground but sees only his gray eyes glowing a silvery sheen at night.
Witch hunter Bennett Bassett remembers nothing of his mortal life. Torn between his human values, buried deep within, and his heartless duties as a witch hunter, Bennett and his family hold the fate of the Snow Valley Coven in t
heir hands.
Ems and Bennett’s growing affection for one another is doomed from the start: she is the hunted and he is the hunter. Can they survive impossible odds and opposing forces, forces determined to keep them apart?
In the tiny alpine Village of Snow Valley, the dark forest holds many secrets, secrets of unsolved murders and shocking betrayals.
The first book in an exciting series, Secrets of Snow Valley, Firefly peels away the layers of secrets hidden within the sleepy little alpine valley to reveal the dark histories and solve the even darker mysteries that lie beneath the surface and pit the coven and their protectors against the witch hunters.

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My Review

 What I Liked:
Emeranne: She is a great lead character.  Just the right amount of snarky and sweet and I love that.  I can't stand characters that are too much one way or the other.  If they are too sweet it isn't realistic enough, because honestly is there any girl out there that is just overly sweet all of the time?  Then if they are too snarky they are just bratty and I want to smack them.  Unfortunately I know girls like this and no one wants to be around them so why would anyone want to read about them.  With Emeranne you get a character that feels real.

Not So Much:
Bennett:  I almost put Bennett under the 'liked' section.  Let me explain.  Bennett is a sweet character.  He has this boy-next-door feel which is charming and lovable.  That is the problem.  While I do love the boy-next-door character, Bennett is definitely not supposed to be that way.  He has an awful past where he has murdered people because that is what his kind are supposed to do.  I feel like he character would have been a bit better if he had a bit more of the 'bad boy trying to go good' feel.
Depth: This book seemed a bit rushed and to me it often felt like the story was skimmed over in many places.  If you like to read books that are shorter without a lot of meat to the story then this is a fun read.  I just prefer a little more when I read.  This is definitely not a knock on the author!  Tons of people love novellas and shorter novels.  This is just my preference. 
Too much witchcraft: I don't usually have an issue with magic, witchcraft, etc, as long as it is more of a....pretend magic story, like Harry Potter.  In this book the kids in the coven use spirit boards and in depth rituals.  This was just a bit much for me.  Again just personal opinion.

Parent's Guide:
This book is great for teens if you don't have issues with witchcraft as a theme.  There is no swearing or adult content.

My Rating

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