Friday, March 15, 2013

Best laid plans

   So last week I blogged about how I had a ton of reviews to put up....and I do.  The problem is that sometimes life likes to change our plans against our wills.  That is exactly what happened this week.  If there is actually someone out there that reads this blog I offer you my sincerest apologies!
   The first glitch in my plan came when my son's laptop crashed.  I had borrowed it to write my reviews on since I could just curl up on the couch and by comfy while I was typing.  As I was literally writing the last sentence of a review the blue screen of death appeared and the life of the poor computer was over.  Thankfully the laptop is less than a year old so it is still under warranty and will hopefully be fixed soon.
   After the debacle with the computer illness decided to set in to our house.  I ended up with a five day migraine and pretty much spent those days in bed.  I do get migraines sometimes, usually when I let myself get dehydrated, but not usually like this one.  Now we are dealing with strep and a stomach bug.  My poor 11 year old has had strep/sore throats so many times this year I have lost track and my 13 year old, who has no tonsils or adnoids has also had numerous sore throat issues this year.  Is anyone else having that same issue this year?  Luckily we seem to be on the upswing and hopefully soon we will all be healthy again!  I think this weekend I will be taking Lysol to the entire house in hopes that I can find and destroy all the bugs that may be just waiting to make us sick again.   
   The good news is that I have finished writing all the reviews and just need to get them up on the web.  I am hoping that I can get them all up today but it depends how well my tummy will cooperate.  I hope you enjoy reading my reviews once they are finally up!

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