Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Forged by Greed by Angela Orlowski-Peart

Two Seattle 16-year-olds, Jatred and Jasmira, are not your typical star-crossed lovers. They are not even your typical Shape Shifters. Sure, they try to live an ordinary life. At least, as ordinary as the Prince and the Princess of the rivaling ancient Races--the Winter wolves and the Summer leopards--can live. But eventually they learn that not much about their existence can be normal. Especially when the Races' two commanding Goddesses are involved.

One of the Goddesses is on a quest to tilt the scale of power to her side. The other will never let it happen, even if it means kicking Jatred and Jasmira's love to the curb. Nothing is off limits, including removing Jatred's memories of Jasmira.

To complicate things even more, there are the Universe's powers to consider. They are trapped in an ancient Amulet in order to protect the stability of the world. But the Universe has a mind of its own, and when the powers are unleashed, the forces of nature are disturbed; earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions shake the Earth. All Shifters of both Races are summoned by their respective Goddesses to fight in the name of, or against, the normalcy of the world.

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My Review 

           I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.
    What is it about stories of forbidden love that makes it so fun to read about? It seems like no matter how many of these stories I read I am still a huge sucker for a good one, and this book is pretty darn good.
    This story follows the basic outline of any story about forbidden love. A boy and girl fall for each other but for some reason they are not supposed to even talk to each other, let alone fall in love. In this book the boy and girl come from different species of supernatural shifters. Throughout all of time these different shifters have not been permitted to mingle but Jatred, the prince of the Winter Shifters, and Jasmira, the princess of the Summer Shifters inevitably find themselves head over heels in love with each other. Of course there are forces at work that are trying to split them up. Unlike most stories, not only are their family and friends trying to keep them apart, but these kids each have a Goddess to whom they owe their allegiance and each Goddess has their own agenda.
    I fell in love with the characters in this book. Jatred and Jasmira are such sweet kids. You would think that with both of them being royalty they would be stuck up and spoiled but this was not the case. They were both pretty humble and very kind, especially to those that they are to rule. They care so much for each other and you can tell by the lengths that they go to in order to be with each other, even if some of the solutions turn out to be disasters. I was rooting for them to be able to truly be together throughout the book. Their friends were also great characters and were very supportive despite the rules that say they shouldn’t associate with one another. I loved that these teens were able to be examples to the older shifters of either tribe and were able to show them that despite being from different places and taking different forms when shifting, they are more alike than they are different. That is such a great message for teens to hear.
    There are many twists in the plot that keep the story fast paced and keep you guessing at the outcome. Between crazy Goddesses, crazy fight scenes, strange natural disasters and the drama of young love there is never a dull moment. I can’t wait for book two so I can find out what will happen to Jatred and Jasmira. I am really hoping that they can find a way to be together. 

Parent's Guide: This book was actually a very appropriate YA story.  There is some very minor swearing and some battle scenes, nothing too intense or graphic.  Rating wise I would think it would be PG. 

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