Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Girld Meets Underworld by Jess Watkins

Having lost her mother and brother, Stella stands on the roof of her building, about to jump. She is stopped by a handsome young man, who jumps first. Somehow, he survives and Stella soon discovers that Conner holds a dark secret and more than a passing connection to her own unhappiness.

But Conner isn’t the only man to take an interest in Stella. Will is dangerous. He has mood swings, a crazy older brother and the ability to heal abnormally quickly. Stella knows what Conner is, but what exactly is Will – and why does he appear to know more about Conner than she does?

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My Review

         I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
    Since the whole Twilight craze a few years back there have been numerous books with the plot of girl falls in love with both a vampire and a werewolf and must choose between them. I have read several of them and most have been complete disappointments. This one, however, was one of the few that turn out amazingly.
    The book is fairly short but the author does a great job of creating endearing characters. I got completely wrapped up in Stella’s story right from the beginning. She is a very sweet girl but she can be very strong willed and does not have a problem standing up to anyone that threatens her or those she loves. Connor, the vampire side of the love triangle, is the veritable bad boy turning his life around. He is so sweet with Stella and is constantly saving her life throughout the book. It seems that no one wants Stella and Connor to be together and the lengths that some people go to in an attempt to keep them apart are crazy. Will is the werewolf love interest. He is very different from Connor, but that is what attracts Stella to him. Where Connor is very self-assured and confident, will is troubled and vulnerable. You can see how much Will loves Stella but his life is unstable and with a brother that is truly certifiable always trying to ruin his happiness it seems like there is no hope for Will and Stella.
    One of the things that I really enjoyed about this book is that at times the bad guys are good and the good guys are bad. This is so much like true life. No one is good all the time and bad people can often do good things. This helped to lend to the believability of the characters and the story. While I obviously know that vampires and werewolves are not real, I still like the stories I read to feel real and the author did an amazing job at creating a paranormal story with a true-life feel to it.
    There are several twists and turns throughout the story, especially the ending cliffhanger. I was in no way expecting the story to end the way that it did. I am still trying to wrap my head around the betrayal that happens. I can’t wait to read the next book so that I can figure out what will happen. I am hoping that the next book will be equally as good as the first and fully expect it to be considering the amazing story that can be told using the cliffhanger ending of the first book.  

Parent’s Guide:  There are some sexual innuendos and a few uses of the ‘f’ word.  There is nothing too bad, but keep in mind that this book was written for older teens and young adults.

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