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Ignited (Unclaimed #2) by Laurie Wetzel

ARC Review
Expected publication date: August 3rd 2015

After surviving an attack from a demon that killed her friend, Maddy Page thought the worst was over.
It’s not.
Word is spreading through the supernatural world about Maddy, the mortal girl with rare gifts. Some want to use her powers; others want to destroy her. One wants to protect her—her boyfriend, an angel named MJ.
MJ knows that the demon that attacked Maddy was sent to collect her by someone very powerful. Someone he has tried and failed to stop before. MJ can’t beat him, but he will do whatever it takes to keep Maddy safe, even if it means turning his back on his own kind. 

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What I Loved: 
Justin:  He is an horrible character that was introduced in the Unclaimed.  He was kind of creepy and disturbing in the first book but it this book he literally mad my skin crawl.  In Ignited he is truly evil and stalks Maddy through the whole book.  He believes that he loves her but it is just obsession and she just can't find a way to get away from him.  Absolutely one of the best book villains I have come across.
Mystery:  I had a ton of questions at the end of book one and was hoping that I would be able to get some answers in book two.  Didn't happen. In fact I think I have more questions now.  It certainly makes me anxious to get my hand on the next book.  The author did a great job of giving just enough info to get you hooked in to the story while holding out important info to insure readers will want the next book.
Maddy: When I reviewed the first book I complained that Maddy was too whiny and self-loathing, and boy was she!  In this book  she was so much better about not hating on herself and not nearly so whiny.  Thank heavens!  I actually really like Maddy in this book.  Her life is crazy but she is starting to remember the person she used to be and not let her circumstances send her in to self doubt and insecurities. I am hoping that she will eventually go back to the self confident, kick-butt girl she used to be!
Not So Much:
?:  So this was hard.  I didn't absolutely love this book but I really can't say why.  The only thing I can think of is that maybe it is because of how dependent Maddy is on MJ.  It is great how much they love each other but Maddy seriously needs him touching her to feel complete.  I get that it is an important part of the story line but I wish it wasn't quite so extreme.   While I am far from a feminist, I also don't like girls getting the message that they cannot be complete without a guy in their lives.  Girls need to be told they are enough on their own.  Maybe I just couldn't get passed this enough to rate it higher.

Parent Guide:
The book by default could be considered disturbing by some parents since it is about angles and demons.  That said there are only a few things parents should be aware of.  I already mentioned the first thing above.  The scene containing the murder is disturbing but not graphic.  There is also a scene in which a demon is compelling a human to do something they would never do normally.  There is also possession, not The Exorcist type of possession but where a spirit takes over a body to experience life.  The spirit doesn't do anything bad but it is still possession.

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